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Personal data is processed by:
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Collection of personal data
Personal data is information that we collect for the provision of services, identification of individuals, contacting individuals for service provision or issue resolution. Adgifts LLC does not process sensitive personal data as defined in EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679).

We collect the following data
We collect data through the use of cookies on the website and through forms filled out by the client. The collected information includes: name, email address, company name, phone number, and company logo.

Use of collected data
We use the collected data for website improvement, information dissemination, order fulfillment, and compliance with legal obligations.

Protection of personal data
We are committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of our clients and users. The online activities of Adgifts LLC comply with relevant activities, laws, and regulations. We implement all necessary precautions (including administrative, technical, and physical measures) to protect the collected personal data. Access to data modification and processing is only granted to authorized individuals.

All personal data obtained during the visit to Adgifts LLC websites is treated as confidential information. We adhere to the principles of privacy policy regarding the collection, processing, use, disclosure, transmission, modification, forgetting, and erasure of personal data. These principles do not apply to the processing of data belonging to legal entities and other companies, nor do they cover the processing of personal data on websites referred to on our websites (external links). The person representing the company (as a service subscriber) is not a physical person but an authorized representative of a legal entity, whose processing of personal data is not regulated by the regulation.

Disclosure of collected personal data
Collected personal data is not disclosed to third parties, except for compliance with legal obligations.

Data modification
The data owner has the right to know what data has been collected and, if necessary, can modify and delete the data. Information about personal data can be obtained at

Cookies are stored on your device and help identify when you visit the website. The purpose is to improve the quality of service. The browsing history can be deleted.

Acceptance of privacy policy terms
By using the website, you agree to the internet privacy policy principles and terms of Adgifts LLC and acknowledge that you have read them. We reserve the right to amend and modify the privacy policy terms, informing all relevant individuals accordingly. You can familiarize yourself with the general principles of the privacy policy on the Data Protection Inspectorate’s website.